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Increasing the cutting area can improve your work efficiency.


Advantages of CO2 Large Cutting Machines in Material Cutting and Production Efficiency

Large Cutting Machine for Wood Cutting

CO2 Large Cutting Machines: An Overview

CO2 large cutting machines are widely used in various industries for cutting different materials such as wood, plastics, metals, glass, leather, textiles, and more. These machines utilize high-energy laser beams to cut materials, resulting in fast cutting speeds and high-quality edges. Compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods, CO2 large cutting machines offer numerous advantages, including improved production efficiency, better product quality, and reduced equipment maintenance costs.

Large cutting machine for acrylic cutting

Advantages of CO2 Large Cutting Machines

  1. Fast Cutting Speeds: CO2 large cutting machines use laser beams to cut materials, resulting in faster cutting speeds than traditional mechanical cutting methods. This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  2. High Cutting Quality: Laser beams cut edges that are smooth and neat, requiring no further processing, thus improving product quality. Moreover, the cutting process involves no physical contact or tool wear, reducing equipment maintenance costs.
  3. Larger Cutting Size: Compared to regular-sized cutting machines, a large cutting machine can achieve larger-sized material cutting, thus meeting larger production needs. The work platform of a large cutting machine is also larger, which can better meet batch production requirements and improve production efficiency.
  4. Automatic Cutting: Large cutting machines can perform automatic cutting by setting the automatic cutting mode. This allows for a large number of materials to be cut continuously at high speed, reducing worker labor intensity.

Translation Large area fabric cutting

Our Company’s Cutting Machines

Our company’s cutting machines have a bed size of 2513cm, an upgraded version of 2516cm, and a customized version of 30*16cm. We have made significant technological breakthroughs by using motors that operate 3-4 times faster than regular models due to the use of steel structural gears, resulting in a more stable running process. Whether the cutting area is increased or not, the efficiency of the machine will continue to strengthen.


In conclusion, CO2 large cutting machines offer numerous advantages in material cutting and production efficiency, making them an important device in many industries. Our company’s cutting machines have made significant technological breakthroughs, providing high-speed and stable cutting processes. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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