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How are the sunshade roller blinds in the office cut?


I think you have read countless articles, some of which are too nonsense, and it is difficult to understand in professional terms, so I will briefly explain to you how to make the roller shutter fabric for our indoor office.

There are three main factors in making indoor sunshade roller blinds. The first is equipment, the second is fabric, and the third is assembly.

Let’s talk about the equipment first. This equipment is called a curtain machine. Its main function is to cut the fabric to fit the window. The transparent glass window can block the sunlight. The conventional one can cut fabric 3 meters wide. The design can also be widened for larger requirements. Basically, there are mature equipment models that can be easily manufactured.

Let’s talk about the process of laser curtain machine equipment. Before each of our equipment is shipped out, the laser curtain machine will be inspected in an all-round way. More importantly, sample testing will be conducted on the equipment to ensure that every laser curtain machine is produced. The machines can be sent to customers in good condition. At the same time, when the goods arrive, there will be a series of related after-sales services to follow up throughout the process to ensure the implementation of the equipment.

This is the sample test effect of our cutting fabric

The roller can automatically adjust the width, and the laser head will perform complete laser cutting on the fabric.

It can be seen from the details that the surface is smooth and burr-free, and it is easy to cut a complete roller blind sunshade fabric.

Next, let’s talk about fabrics. This laser curtain machine can cut the following fabrics:

Cotton, linen, deerskin (synthetic), velvet, silk, high-density polyester, nylon, polyester, fabric blends, linen, gauze, satin, canvas, velvet, Viscose, rope curtains, man-made fibers etc,

The types of door and window curtains that can be cut are:

Flat curtains (flat curtains), Venetian blinds (vertical blinds), Roman curtains, roller blinds and ladder curtains (cascading curtains), set curtains (hanging curtains), bead curtains (curtain beads), coffee curtain wave curtains, flower curtains, etc. wait

Basically, all kinds of fabrics can be cut. We have tested the above. Unavailable fabric materials can also be used for testing and proofing. Our company will also have professional engineers to provide you with one-on-one proofing services for free.

The last step is to assemble it so that it can meet the application scenario. These require workers who specialize in the door and window industry to assemble them. I won’t go into details here. Here I will simply let you know the process of making various types of curtains. So, what kind of equipment can be used to cut and design fabrics more easily.

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