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What are the ways to make the operation of handheld laser welding machines easier?


Handheld laser welding machine is a high-tech device widely used in the fields of metal processing, manufacturing and maintenance. In the welding process, how to use the handheld laser welding machine can make the operation easier and more convenient. This article will elaborate on the use of handheld laser welding machines in the welding process from the following aspects.

激光焊接机 2000w 手持式 3 合 1


    1. Preparation

    Before using the handheld laser welding machine, sufficient preparation work must be done. First, ensure that the surface of the welding area is clean and dust-free, which helps to ensure welding quality. Secondly, select appropriate welding parameters and laser power to meet welding requirements. Finally, wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and masks correctly to ensure safe operation.

    1. Operation

    When using handheld laser welding, hold the welding gun in your hand, place the laser welding head on the welding area, and align the laser beam with the welding joint. Then, press the laser button, and the laser welding head will start emitting a laser beam to melt and connect the joint. During the welding process, it is necessary to keep the welding gun stable to ensure the quality and accuracy of the welding joint.

    1. Precautions

    When using handheld laser welding machines, the following points should be noted. Firstly, the laser welding head cannot directly shine on the human body or other objects to avoid damage and danger. Secondly, it is necessary to regularly clean the welding gun and laser welding head to keep it clean and smooth. Finally, if any abnormal situations occur during the operation, such as unstable laser beams or decreased welding quality, stop the operation immediately and carry out maintenance and repairs.

三合一激光焊接机 1500w

In summary, the use of handheld laser welding machines in the welding process and the precautions are very important, which have a significant impact on the welding quality and operation safety. Only with sufficient preparation, correct operation, and safety awareness can the normal use of handheld laser welding machines be ensured, and high-quality welding effects can be obtained.

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