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Laser marking method of metal stamping parts


Program advantages:

Laser marking machine can engrave LOGO trademark, pattern, text, two-dimensional code, serial number, symbol, anti-counterfeiting code, code, barcode, etc. on hardware accessories, auto parts, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper iron and other products. Fast speed, high production efficiency, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables only need to be powered on, pattern text can be modified at will, labor saving, safety and environmental protection, zero pollution, engraved text and patterns have long-term non-fading and non-falling.


These hardware accessories need to be engraved with some characters, numbers, two-dimensional codes, texts, etc., and now merchants use laser marking and engraving to complete them. Laser engraving has clear, durable and beautiful marking marks. The pattern of the engraved items is fine, and the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm. And a lot of data can be printed on very small plastic parts. It can print marking on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not generate internal stress after marking, which ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece. Does not corrode the work surface, no wear, poison and pollution. Changes in the environment (touch, acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.) will not cause the marking mark to fade. High processing efficiency and fast marking speed. The laser beam under computer control can move at high speed (up to 5 to 7 m/s), and the marking process can be completed within seconds.


Equipment recommendation


Automatic marking machine


This machine is widely used in mobile phone shells, alumina blackening, home appliances, electronic components, integrated circuits, luggage circuits, luggage buckles, stainless steel products, auto parts, wires and cables, medical equipment, electronic cigarettes and other industries

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