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co2 laser cutting machine is a good tool in the production of acrylic business card holder


In the field of acrylic business card holder production, laser cutting technology provides a perfect solution for the combination of creativity and efficient production. The following will introduce in detail the different types, thicknesses and required power of acrylic business card holders in the laser cutting production process, emphasizing the importance of the cutting production process.

co2 laser cutting machine

1. Cutting type and applicable thickness:

The cutting method of the acrylic business card holder can be selected according to the design requirements and functional requirements. Common cutting types include:
Line cutting: Through the precise control of the laser beam, the line-like cutting effect can be achieved, which can be used to create a simple and modern business card holder design.

Contour cutting: use laser beam to cut along the contour path, so that the business card holder presents a unique shape, suitable for customized needs.

Hollow cutting: Cut out holes or patterns on the acrylic sheet to create a hollow inspiration and make the business card holder more artistic.
The thickness of acrylic business card holders usually ranges from 2mm to 8mm, and different cutting types and thicknesses will affect the required laser cutting power and efficiency.

Acrylic sheet cutting

2. Required power and efficiency:

For acrylic business card holders of different thicknesses and cut types, the required laser cutting power will vary:

For acrylic business card holders with a thickness of 2mm, a laser cutting machine with 80W to 100W is usually used, which can complete the cutting in just a few seconds. This high efficiency is suitable for mass production.

For the business card holder with a thickness of 4mm, an 80W to 100W laser cutting machine is also used, and the cutting time will be slightly extended, but the efficiency is still maintained.

For a business card holder with a thickness of 8mm, it may be necessary to use a 100W to 150W laser cutting machine to ensure sufficient cutting speed and effect. In this case, although the cutting time increases slightly, it remains relatively efficient.

During the cutting process, the technical accessories of the laser cutting machine play a key role, ensuring smooth cutting edges and high quality of process performance. The synergy of beam control system, gas assist system and high-precision motion system eliminates burrs and keeps the cutting edge in perfect condition.

3. Importance of cutting production process:

The cutting production process of acrylic business card holder determines the quality and appearance of the final product. Precise cuts ensure stability, a clean appearance and design compliance with the business card holder. Laser cutting technology not only enables complex patterns and designs, but also reduces waste and improves production efficiency during the production process.

Therefore, in the production of acrylic business card holders, the selection and application of laser cutting technology is very important, giving the business card holders a unique appearance and high-quality craftsmanship.

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